A Broke Reality

Submitted by: Calamity Lucifer

Materials: Card stock, wire, black string, hot glue, gold left ribbon

This piece is supposed to represent the struggles I had during quarantine as well as how I coped with them.
The mask is supposed to be a demon, representing a Character that got me through the darkest times this year.
The cracks or string on the mask I supposed to represent the hardships and how all of the cracks are healing up so I can become the strong young non-binary I was.
The reason why I chose black, white, and gold is cause it shows that I like the light but also the darkness as well.
The description of this, I am just winging this but hey that’s ok! But the masks meaning is all over the place just like myself.

If you ever need to get help for mental problems and if you are on the last edge please tell someone who you trust or call the hotline, trust me life gets better and I hope that you’ll see that as well as you grow. Remember to eat, drink water, and go have fun!