Submitted by: ANONYMOUS

Materials: Felt glue and fabric paint

I made this mask because I thought about putting the jake from State Farm statement on the mask but than I found something that sounded better so I did it and i think is made a good joke about social distancing and neighbours and I liked making it and I think other classes and schools should do this I thought is was fun and I think it is a good way to talk about COVID-19 and i think it might get some people’s minds off of COVID and this global pandemic and quarantine


Unicorn and Cat 🐈 🦄

Submitted by: Pd

Materials: Pipe cleaners, paper, markers

I just love to go for donuts and ice cream when COVID is not around. Also if love cats and unicorns.


Flowers Of Hope🌱

Submitted by: zaina 👍🏽

Materials: Felt, lots lots of beads, needle and thread.

During COVID many people felt very trapped wearing their masks which is what the single beads represent. Now that we coming to the end of the pandemic (towards the end of the mask) the flowers bring a hope that one day no one will be wearing masks and that we will all one day be free of the pandemic. This mask relates back to me because the beginning of COVID was very grim and now with the vaccines out I’m excited to possibly have a normal summer. I really enjoyed working on this project in Mr. Martens class because I barely ever see.



Submitted by: anonymous

Materials: Made of paper, buttons, feathers, glitter, leather rope, beads, watercolour paints, and a googly eye

This mask represents new perspectives: over COVID-19 the way I viewed life changed significantly and I wanted to show that in some way. The rope mouth is showing the importance of listening and taking a step back out of your world to understand things and people around you better; which most of the time comes from forgetting yourself and observing with no bias. The black tears show there will always be difficultly in life, but the third eye reminds me to look at situations beyond myself.


Seashell fun

Submitted by: Madison

Materials: Paint, and seashells and hot glue gun too stick them on.

I made this mask because it represents the beach. Because all The time before COVID was here, My family and I used too always go too crescent beach/white rock every summer. miss going too the beach with my family so I made this mask based on my fun time at the Beach and I found some old seashells in my closet so I thought that this was an excellent idea.


Icy Da Baby

Submitted by: KT

Materials: Photocopy image, cloth, glitter, tinfoil, paint

I made this because I listened to a lot of Da Baby’s music during Covid times


Mandala Mask

Submitted by: DR

Materials: Felt, sharpie, hot glue

I decided to cover my mask with mandala designs. I drew the designs on circles of felt and then hot glued them to the mask. I really like the different colours and sizes. I decided to do this because I spent a lot of time doing mandala designs during the lockdown.



Submitted by: Draden

Materials: Felt, glue and sparkles.

During COVID I spent a lot of time outside camping and other things with my family.


Among us

Submitted by: Stunnaboy

Materials: Cloth, hot glue, scissors, and krish singh inspiration

I created this because this because I played among us during COVID it’s a fun game this school is also very sus


E waste

Submitted by: Cage Rattler

Materials: Ceramic tile, magazines, e waste, art resin

Collage on tile. E waste. Art resin. All the extra chargers, ear buds etc.. from old devices. So much waste. Decided to use it in my art.