Double Thirteen

Submitted by: Rebecca

Materials: Playing cards, score sheet, worthy opponent

My mother taught me how to play the card game of ‘Double Thirteen’ as a child. Every woman on her side of the family knows how to play. The double deck of cards always managed to find it’s way to the table when we visited family.

I am now living on the other side of the world, but my girlfriend has had the patience to let me teach her. We now play on a daily basis, often with a beer or wine in hand. I love that playing a simple card game can make me feel like I’m closer to home, and closer to my family that I miss dearly.


Raspberry Pi Minecraft Server

Submitted by: Nick L

Materials: Raspberry Pi 4B+, Minecraft

If you have a Raspberry Pi or similar computer, you could host a Minecraft server on it so you and your friends can play together!


Lockdown lunchtime

Submitted by: J Thompson

Materials: Quilting cotton fabric, sewing machine

Old sewing machine pulled out and oiled to make face masks, with filter pockets, to gift to my adult kids and their partners. Lunchtime wine and sushi. Lunchtime wine never used to be a “thing”.


Filling Your Bucket

Submitted by: Annie

Materials: Green collapsible canvas bucket; hot water; soap; bleach; elbow grease + care for one's neighbours

It has been a perfect autumn day here in Melbourne – a magnificent blue sky as you only see in Australia, little white fluffy clouds – magic.

I was on sanitizing duty this morning at our Cairo flats complex.  So I got my special collapsible green bucket, filled it with hot water, soap and bleach, put on my blue plastic gloves, grabbed a jay cloth and I went to wash down the 2 gates and 1 door and then I washed all of the hand railing – it felt so good when I finished.

I started sanitizing at about 9:00 this morning and walking around the property felt like a little village awakening – there was beautiful jazz being played in 2 flats, the ABC radio was being listened to in a few others and several were brewing coffee – so pretty magical – what a way to start the day.

The handrails we all take turns cleaning.
Australia Canada

The Memory Clock

Submitted by: Kit

Materials: Steel & cedar

My sister Rebecca made this clock from memories. More specifically, she made it from the basketball hoop that hung outside my childhood home for over a decade. Listen to the clip below to hear more about how this clock bridges distances.