Dandelion Beaded Mask

Submitted by: Amanda

Materials: Faux suede, ribbon, seed beads

The dandelion is considered by many to be a plain, ordinary, and entirely unimpressive weed, but it is far from fragile. Its incredibly hard to remove due to it’s powerful roots. Dandelions can endure almost any living condition. They are a survivor that overcomes every hardship, challenge, and difficulty, to grow almost anywhere. Dandelions are used to treat many illnesses and are a symbol of healing- from emotional as well as physical wounds. To many, and myself personally, they’ve also always represented hopes, and dreams, and aspirations for a brighter tomorrow. Children close their eyes, blow on dandelion fluff, and make their wish. I chose dandelions growing out of a crack in the concrete, with one of the flowers gone to seed and carrying on the wind hopes and wishes for a better future. Alberta, Canada

This mask was created for the Breathe community Facebook group – A collection of traditionally crafted masks demonstrating resiliency through 21st century pandemic.

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