Dear Evan Hansen

Submitted by: Kaede

Materials: Cloth, sharpies, paint pens, hot glue, mask

I made my mask Dear Evan Hansen themed. Dear Evan Hansen is a musical and book that I became obsessed with during quarantine. I read the book multiple times and always listened to the songs while doing stuff like drawing. I glued fabric to the mask and used paint pens and sharpies. Dear Evan Hansen is a very inspirational story, and I feel like everyone needs a bit of inspiration during the pandemic. I included the quotes on the mask because I feel like that makes it easy to understand that it’s an inspirational story, even for someone that doesn’t know much about Dear Evan Hansen. I especially like the quote “I’m waving through a window”, because I think it really suits the whole theme of the pandemic. I thought it still looked a bit bare, so I added the characters’ names on the top and bottom of the mask.