flowers + butterflies

Submitted by: student

Materials: embroidery thread, stencil, fabric paint

My mask has two embroidery roses and two butterflies. I first took some needle and thread, 5 minutes prior to this I got a quick crash course on how to do embroidery. On the first mask I didn’t follow a tutorial and it didn’t turn out quite how I expected it to. So I started over, and this time I searched up a tutorial on YouTube. It turned out pretty good but I noticed something was missing. I love butterflies and flowers so I thought they would go nice together. I decided to paint two butterflies on my mask with fabric paint.

The reason I chose to do embroidery is because it’s something new. It’s hard and tedious until you get used to the movement the flow of it. It’s definitely still tricky but you get better at it slowly. Which is exactly how I felt during quarantine and throughout the pandemic. My over all thoughts about this experience is, I would’ve liked for the roses to turn out better. I would also have liked to have more flowers. All things consider, I’m pretty proud of it. Given the limited materials and time.