Submitted by: Dwayne G.

Materials: Paper, felts

It’s a checkered red-and-black mask design with a rouble on one side and a moon on the other. It’s designed on a piece of paper using felts.
Its inspired and named after a fictional character in a book I’ve read over the pandemic named Korovyev, who is a very dramatic and theatric person who likes to perform and make people laugh with his otherworldly shows. The symbols on the mask represents both things that I resonate with and things he has done in the book, and the mask pattern reflects Korovyev’s appearance and the book’s colour scheme.
I want this mask to reflect what Carl Jung would call my Persona, someone with a fascination with theatre and showmanship, and vents that through some form of entertainment, whether it be through acts, writing, or even art.
I also want this mask to remind others that as long as we stay positive and never forget what keeps us smiling, we’ll be alright. Korovyev was someone who helped his friends and made them laugh, and I want to do the same, especially during this hard time.