Submitted by: Susan McCulloch

Materials: Sultan the Cat, outdoors, books

This is Sultan, my male polydactyl (6 toes each foot) Turkish Angora. He is helping me put hearts in the windows to say hello to my neighbours

Oh look! It is Sultan again. Wanna play? He loves having me home all to himself.
Sultan does not look too happy in this next photo. I decided that we both needed some fresh air and took him to the lake. Don’t worry. He was not on a leash the entire time. He has his own pet stroller for easy transport.
Sultan in the stroller.
Home again, with Sultan in the stroller.
Sultan is tired.
These are books my friend in Nova Scotia sent me. Each week of isolation, I have posted a gift to one of my friends. I should own shares in Canada Post.
Sultan likes the smell of this box. All the way from the Maritimes.
Sultan again! This time at Crescent Beach. I carry him in his own cat knapsack. A pretty trick item.