United States

Books are now my only friend

Submitted by: Bri

Materials: Books

Because I’m bored all the time, I read all my favorite books again.

United States

Staying Strong !!!

Submitted by: Isaydra

Materials: Workout apps, computer, speaker

I have been working out, doing my homework (days before its due) and listening to music to keep me positive.

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Shore nice to sea you…

Submitted by: Jilly Chandler

Materials: Canon camera

The following picture is a picture I have taken on what would have been the summer season opening day of an amusement park in Ocean City, New Jersey. I think it is ironic that the sign says “shore nice to sea you” when clearly the lot is very empty and the entire boardwalk is closed. This image really represents the entire current environment of the city. The weather is perfect, but with beaches and boardwalks closed there is rarely an action outside and on the streets.


Keeping myself busy

Submitted by: Heidi

Materials: Wine, camper flooring and grocery shopping

I’ve ordered from the local winery, redone the floor in my camper (that I’ve been putting off) and getting groceries for our at-risk persons.

United States

Redoing room

Submitted by: Karlee

Materials: Lots of useless junk

What started as just folding clothes ended in me redoing my entire room.

United States

Stain Glass Craft

Submitted by: Ashley

Materials: Paint, glass, tape

My 7-year-old is bored out of her mind. She has been “homeschooled” and I have tried to find different crafts to do weekly to keep her entertained. This was our stain glass window project. We used washable paint and painters tape to create our designs.

United Kingdom

It’s been a while…

Submitted by: Sean F

Materials: Cardboard

A lovely little note posted by our friends to remind us of the good times which will be back before you know it.

United States

Daily Mind Game

Submitted by: Yvonne Rodrigues

Materials: Paper & Pen

Words that became everyday norm, that sometimes we’re contradicted. I continually add to it..

United States

Bidet Saves the Day

Submitted by: Melissa

Materials: Ceramic, electricity, water

Until recently I barely used our washlet—maybe once a week. It had been my husband’s idea to install one when we moved into our mid-century home. Of course now, with our dwindling tp supply, it’s bidet to the rescue. And it actually forces me sit and contemplate.


New growth

Submitted by: Xlearn

Materials: Plants, glass jar, tin

Finding new growth despite being confined. A sign of hope. Windowsill gardening has become a new hobby.