United States

Redoing room

Submitted by: Karlee

Materials: Lots of useless junk

What started as just folding clothes ended in me redoing my entire room.

United States

Bidet Saves the Day

Submitted by: Melissa

Materials: Ceramic, electricity, water

Until recently I barely used our washlet—maybe once a week. It had been my husband’s idea to install one when we moved into our mid-century home. Of course now, with our dwindling tp supply, it’s bidet to the rescue. And it actually forces me sit and contemplate.


Filling Your Bucket

Submitted by: Annie

Materials: Green collapsible canvas bucket; hot water; soap; bleach; elbow grease + care for one's neighbours

It has been a perfect autumn day here in Melbourne – a magnificent blue sky as you only see in Australia, little white fluffy clouds – magic.

I was on sanitizing duty this morning at our Cairo flats complex.  So I got my special collapsible green bucket, filled it with hot water, soap and bleach, put on my blue plastic gloves, grabbed a jay cloth and I went to wash down the 2 gates and 1 door and then I washed all of the hand railing – it felt so good when I finished.

I started sanitizing at about 9:00 this morning and walking around the property felt like a little village awakening – there was beautiful jazz being played in 2 flats, the ABC radio was being listened to in a few others and several were brewing coffee – so pretty magical – what a way to start the day.

The handrails we all take turns cleaning.