Christmas Dinner 2020

Submitted by: Blake Williams

Materials: Digital Media, paper and frustration.

Digital photo collage speaking to the tension that exists between government isolation orders around Covid 19 pandemic orders and family desires to gather for Christmas.


Missing my dentist

Submitted by: Concerned

Materials: Corn

Taken last week while walking in isolation. Same time I would be getting dental work done!

United Kingdom


Submitted by: Nanners

Materials: Photograph of restaurant

Here in the UK our lockdown restrictions have been ever so slightly eased to allow us to drive somewhere to go for a walk. Today we chose to go to Windsor. I was struck by this Greek restaurant, shut down, no patrons on a glorious sunny day with the tagline ‘Eat.Together’. It is so very sad that we cannot do that here, now. In the right background of the photo is a turret of Windsor Castle. Hello Liz!


A Viral Treat: Covid-19 Birthday Cake

Submitted by: Annie Duriez, Clough Street Cakes

Materials: Chocolate cake, chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream, fondant decorations

When your client requests something “viral” for her birthday.


Baking is my refuge

Submitted by: Avra Gibbs Lamey

Materials: Flour, water, random bacteria

Sourdough starter in glass jar.


Tea for One

Submitted by: Marilyn Mirabelli

Materials: China teacup, Store bought macarons, Ancient suitcase

One teacup. One tray of macarons. One caption to go with the pictorial vignette.
Life is too short to stuff a mushroom.

I can’t wait to cruise again and take tea as it should be. But in the meantime, I continue to dream of cruising again and cobble a couple of sentences together to keep my mind nimble. Here is my latest effort.

I was doing the weekly grocery run at Loblaws (Monoprix, Tesco of Eastern Canada for my Euro peeps), suitably masked, gloved and goggled. Also wearing a baseball cap; a girl can’t be too careful these days.

I had no business in the bakery aisle; there were no baked goods on my grocery list. How did this winsome tray of #macarons end up in my cart? Beats me. Oh well, I am living in lockdown and only venture out into society to keep body and soul together. A small indulgence is a small price to pay for following the rules.

And so it was, just like #MaggieSmith in the bittersweet movie #TeaWithMussolini, that I took afternoon tea at four promptly.

And while sipping and munching, I was reminded of a book I read many moons ago. It was #Superwoman by #ShirleyConran. At a time in history of womankind when we were supposed to be everything to everybody, Ms. Conran opined that life was too short to stuff a mushroom, meaning there are far more important things in life than being a domestic diva. To this day, I continue to say life is too short to stuff a mushroom when I need a bit of perspective.


Double Thirteen

Submitted by: Rebecca

Materials: Playing cards, score sheet, worthy opponent

My mother taught me how to play the card game of ‘Double Thirteen’ as a child. Every woman on her side of the family knows how to play. The double deck of cards always managed to find it’s way to the table when we visited family.

I am now living on the other side of the world, but my girlfriend has had the patience to let me teach her. We now play on a daily basis, often with a beer or wine in hand. I love that playing a simple card game can make me feel like I’m closer to home, and closer to my family that I miss dearly.


Keeping myself busy

Submitted by: Heidi

Materials: Wine, camper flooring and grocery shopping

I’ve ordered from the local winery, redone the floor in my camper (that I’ve been putting off) and getting groceries for our at-risk persons.


Best Time of the Day

Submitted by: Anonymous

Materials: Mask, lunch, water, hand sanitizer

The best time of the day other then going home, lunch break!


Lockdown lunchtime

Submitted by: J Thompson

Materials: Quilting cotton fabric, sewing machine

Old sewing machine pulled out and oiled to make face masks, with filter pockets, to gift to my adult kids and their partners. Lunchtime wine and sushi. Lunchtime wine never used to be a “thing”.