Medicine Red Stomach Man

Submitted by: Thomas

Materials: Tinfoil and mask

When I had COVID one of the symptoms I experienced was a sharp pain in my stomach that’s why I drew this man with a red circle around his stomach.


When your closet smell like Lysol wipes, waiting for another wave of panic. Yet the smell alone, reminds you how to panic. Refreshing only an on-going memory.

Submitted by: Digital BFA

Materials: Panic Buttons, Uncertainty, Lysol wipes and the overwhelming scent of over-stimulation.

Closet. Location. Home.


Mask trash

Submitted by: John Strugnell

Materials: Surgical mask

A used mask left to trash on the ground.


The new normal

Submitted by: Sherree

Materials: Sock mask in black, homemade mask in mango, black gloves dollar store

Everyday I look up at my masks in the bathroom and wonder if two is enough. Should I have more? Are they enough? Why isn’t everyone wearing one? Will I switch from black gloves to white in the summer?


Reflecting on the Spanish Flu

Submitted by: Susan McCulloch

Materials: Old photo of family

A photo of my grandfather in his father’s arms, circa 1913. My great-grandparents in this NS photo died of the Spanish Flu in 1918. My grandfather and his siblings survived in a world where 50 million people did not.


Whimsical Paintings of Healthcare Workers

Submitted by: Carla Flegel

Materials: Watercolour mounted on wood board preserved with UV protectant and archival wax

I have been painting some whimsical paintings of the healthcare workers. There is a growing number of them. They are in response to the BC provincial health recommendations… such as social distance, and all the PPE required.

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Respiratory therapist on the way with a Bird Ventilator
Social distancing
COVID Fashionistas
The x-rays are looking better
Chief Souper
Quarrantini Time
Lab results
Gowned up for COVID
Medical staff
Big breath
Be calm. Be kind. Be safe.
Paramedics in the Pandemic
7 pm thank you
Cough into your wing
Because we care
Happy to serve you
A PPE Quarantini
Front line keeping us stocked up
Testing testing 123

Facehugger Covid-19 safety mask

Submitted by: Nathaniel Poole

Materials: Sculpey polymer clay, wire, mask fabric and elastic, epoxy

I decided to try making a mask that looked like the facehugger alien from the Alien movie trilogy.



Submitted by: Anonymous

Materials: PUL fabric, cotton, thread

Our newest outwear. All handmade!


Family Set of Masks

Submitted by: Michele

Materials: Cotton fabric, old pillow cases for the liners.

Our twenty-something kids have been wonderful company during our isolation. Feeling grateful to have a rural property during these hard times. I sewed these for everyone at home, and one to send to my mom. Everyone here got to pick their own fabric from my stash (except Mom’s was a surprise 🙂 ).

United States

Pandemic Waiting room

Submitted by: anonymous

Materials: Photograph

This was the waiting room at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota on March 20th, 2020. The last time I saw this waiting room was 8 months ago and it was crowded with people in every seat and most people were talking and interacting with each other. It was such an odd feeling to see the waiting room with signs on random seats and social distancing with very few people in the room. The reality of the pandemic was impressed upon me when I walked into and viewed this waiting room.