Keeping myself busy

Submitted by: Heidi

Materials: Wine, camper flooring and grocery shopping

I’ve ordered from the local winery, redone the floor in my camper (that I’ve been putting off) and getting groceries for our at-risk persons.

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Bidet Saves the Day

Submitted by: Melissa

Materials: Ceramic, electricity, water

Until recently I barely used our washlet—maybe once a week. It had been my husband’s idea to install one when we moved into our mid-century home. Of course now, with our dwindling tp supply, it’s bidet to the rescue. And it actually forces me sit and contemplate.

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Crisis puppy Toby + local need for masks = Toby on facemasks

Submitted by: Bertis Downs

Materials: Facemask made of dishcloth, screen-printed and hand-sewn by people here locally in Athens GA

We got a new family puppy, a crisis puppy. She’s a Beernesedoodler named Toby and she was so cute I thought she’d be an excellent facemask model. So I asked a local screenprinter and a local seamstress to help me out and a few days later, here’s the mask. So far I am the only one I have seen wearing one but they might catch on anytime

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My Essentials Survivor Kit

Submitted by: Ronette

Materials: Gloves, mask, tissues, thermometer, corn cushions, lidocaine

I am not on a stay-at-home-order because I am in the healthcare profession.  I love what I do not matter what the situation. My isolation is my work. I would have it no other way.  


Attestation de déplacement (“Certificate for being outside”)

Submitted by: Rosalind Coleman

Materials: Certificate

This is the form that you have to fill in in France every time you go out, to justify being outside your place of residence. Accepted reasons include essential work that cannot be done remotely, exercise within 1km of your residence for a maximum of one hour, shopping for essentials, caring for vulnerable people, seeking medical care, volunteer work and responding to a court summons.