Right and Wrong

Submitted by: Wendy Boucher

Materials: Paper collage

An important mask demo.


The Messenger

Submitted by: Count Braapula

Materials: Tree swallow on dock railing, Fraser River

Isolation, community, love & protection.



Submitted by: Susan McCulloch

Materials: Sultan the Cat, outdoors, books

This is Sultan, my male polydactyl (6 toes each foot) Turkish Angora. He is helping me put hearts in the windows to say hello to my neighbours

Oh look! It is Sultan again. Wanna play? He loves having me home all to himself.
Sultan does not look too happy in this next photo. I decided that we both needed some fresh air and took him to the lake. Don’t worry. He was not on a leash the entire time. He has his own pet stroller for easy transport.
Sultan in the stroller.
Home again, with Sultan in the stroller.
Sultan is tired.
These are books my friend in Nova Scotia sent me. Each week of isolation, I have posted a gift to one of my friends. I should own shares in Canada Post.
Sultan likes the smell of this box. All the way from the Maritimes.
Sultan again! This time at Crescent Beach. I carry him in his own cat knapsack. A pretty trick item.

Ecological Regeneration

Submitted by: Kate L.P.

Materials: Owl, forest

One silver lining to these trying times is that the earth has been able to regenerate, a little bit, as humans slow down. Indeed, seismologists have reported that the earth is vibrating significantly less than usual. Once restrictions lift, and people begin returning to their routines, one utopian dream is that we will adapt our old behaviour and not revert back to all the familiar patterns that have been damaging the earth and animal life.

See more images from Kate L.P. during the COVID-19 pandemic here.


Heaven Bound

Submitted by: Kyla’s family

Materials: Kyla dog

Our precious friend & “rescue dog” 🐕 Kyla was put to rest only one week before isolation. Walks are reflective and lonely, a different kind of isolated 🙁


Social isolation.. connected by song

Submitted by: Jess Brian

Materials: Samsung camera, leafless trees, and a single bird singing away

Photo of leafless trees with one sole bird, in silhouette, singing loudly to unseen companions. The companions are singing back so they are connected but they are physically distant. This scene brought me comfort early in social isolation, as a reminder that, despite physical distance, we can find other ways to remain connected.


Home grown

Submitted by: Zac

Materials: Greenhouse

Learning to eat healthy and how to grow our own food.


Who Let The Dogs Out – Nobody

Submitted by: DJ Hanninen

Materials: Dog

The longing to be outside is no more clear than my dog Colo staring out the window


No more work

Submitted by: S

Materials: Laptop and cat

He had enough of us working and not paying attention to him


Sunday afternoon.

Submitted by: Yuzi

Materials: Dog, kitchen

Outside condo.