United States

Social Distancing

Submitted by: Annabella Andiorio

Materials: Canon camera

I took this photo at a local grocery store. During this time I have been going out to various stores and restaurants to take pictures of the signs they have posted on their doors. Almost all stores and restaurants have been hanging signs up like these to make sure their costumers are practicing social distancing. This particular photo of mine is my favorite because not only does it capture the sign on the door but also people in the background who have masks and gloves on. I feel that this photo captured the situation we are facing right now perfectly because it is showing the seriousness and precautions we have been taking. This sign really caught my eye because it is stated that everyone is required to wear masks. This shows just how bad the situation is and how it is affecting people’s daily lives.

United States

Pandemic Waiting room

Submitted by: anonymous

Materials: Photograph

This was the waiting room at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota on March 20th, 2020. The last time I saw this waiting room was 8 months ago and it was crowded with people in every seat and most people were talking and interacting with each other. It was such an odd feeling to see the waiting room with signs on random seats and social distancing with very few people in the room. The reality of the pandemic was impressed upon me when I walked into and viewed this waiting room.

United States

What Isolation can do to you

Submitted by: Rafael Diaz II

Materials: iPhone

The following picture you see here is me at a museum looking outside the window. The mood that I was trying to capture is loneliness, how people feel in isolation with limited options. This museum is located in Boston, MA and I would’ve liked at least visiting this museum before the school year was canceled but turns out that I will not.

United States

Shore nice to sea you…

Submitted by: Jilly Chandler

Materials: Canon camera

The following picture is a picture I have taken on what would have been the summer season opening day of an amusement park in Ocean City, New Jersey. I think it is ironic that the sign says “shore nice to sea you” when clearly the lot is very empty and the entire boardwalk is closed. This image really represents the entire current environment of the city. The weather is perfect, but with beaches and boardwalks closed there is rarely an action outside and on the streets.


Attestation de déplacement (“Certificate for being outside”)

Submitted by: Rosalind Coleman

Materials: Certificate

This is the form that you have to fill in in France every time you go out, to justify being outside your place of residence. Accepted reasons include essential work that cannot be done remotely, exercise within 1km of your residence for a maximum of one hour, shopping for essentials, caring for vulnerable people, seeking medical care, volunteer work and responding to a court summons.


Thank You Sticker

Submitted by: Marsha Szafranska

Materials: Plastic, adhesive

A sticker given out to truck-stop employees to wear to thank professional drivers.

United States

March 12th: “Please try to stay calm.”

Submitted by: Anonymous

Materials: Paper

Seattle, Washington was the first center of the COVID pandemic in the United States. This is an early (pre-quarantine-order) notice to apartment complex residents.


Filling Your Bucket

Submitted by: Annie

Materials: Green collapsible canvas bucket; hot water; soap; bleach; elbow grease + care for one's neighbours

It has been a perfect autumn day here in Melbourne – a magnificent blue sky as you only see in Australia, little white fluffy clouds – magic.

I was on sanitizing duty this morning at our Cairo flats complex.  So I got my special collapsible green bucket, filled it with hot water, soap and bleach, put on my blue plastic gloves, grabbed a jay cloth and I went to wash down the 2 gates and 1 door and then I washed all of the hand railing – it felt so good when I finished.

I started sanitizing at about 9:00 this morning and walking around the property felt like a little village awakening – there was beautiful jazz being played in 2 flats, the ABC radio was being listened to in a few others and several were brewing coffee – so pretty magical – what a way to start the day.

The handrails we all take turns cleaning.


Submitted by: Kate

Materials: Canoe paddles of various ages; long length of weather-resistant wire; 4 rubber drum sticks; 2 tall trees; 1 or more playful folk.

2 weeks bundled together
all of us playing & working at home.

The anxiety of covid a constant low thrum in the background
when the kids are around
and an occasional high spike
when they are out of earshot.

Peace comes in moments of play,
in creativity.

In connecting with other maker folk.

Singling along,
with and not with
1000s of others online,
to Sarah Harmer’s golden lullabies.

Being brought to tears
by Ivan Coyote’s FB performance of
simple, perfect
stories of everyday epiphanies.

Laughing out loud,
in Ottawa’s cold spring wind
as my daughters play and play again
on the paddles strung as a xylophone
by Jesse Stewart + Matt Edwards
between 2 tall trees reaching for the clouds.

We find the oldest paddles resonate the longest and deepest;
their reverberations oddly cathartic.

The kids choreograph dance steps to generate a melody.
I watch, and smile at the way art makes connections between us,
even in a time that demands I sanitize the drum sticks
and steer us 6 feet away from our closest compatriots at the park.