Egbert’s first day of school!

Submitted by: Rosamund

Materials: Eggplant, STM bus

Eggplant enjoying his city bus ride and keeping me company . . . I’d like to blame my current drift towards the limits of cultural normality on months of social isolation, but I suspect I have always been like this.


Coffee mug

Submitted by: a. deak

Materials: Pottery, water, caffeine, angst

Thousand liters of coffee were here. Thousand hours of labour.


World Book Encyclopedia

Submitted by: Thereza Dos Santos

Materials: iPhone, World Book Encyclopedia, my 11 year old

I’ve devised some of my own homeschooling for my 11 year old. This is the World Book Encyclopedia Exercise. When my parents downsized, I got the complete set. For this exercise, I pick a topic, like Portugal, and type out 8 questions. She has to locate the topic and and find the answers. And she likes it! There’s a connection to little me, who used these books for research, and her grandfather, who was ALWAYS pulling down a volume for reference and is no longer with us.

United States

Daily Quarantine

Submitted by: Kelly Zapata

Materials: Mask, Kelly Zapata, bed, blanket, and laptop

High school student sits on bed watching movies and completing online school work with a mask on.


What day is it anyways?

Submitted by: Anonymous

Materials: Marker on paper

Working from home is hard and it is easy to lose track of these things.



Submitted by: Algernon

Materials: Brick, electricity, Jeff Bezos’ crimes

This is a picture I took at work. I work part time at a high-end grocery store. One day when I was especially delirious from asking costumers to /please/ stand back (which they promptly wave off), I guess I snapped this photo of a strange switch in the employee bay. Something about it just typifies the cyberpunk dystopia feeling which has been pervasive of late. Glowing, austere, full of unknown consequence.

I have no idea what it does.

I did not flick it. This time.


Home Schooling

Submitted by: Ladan

Materials: Paper, markers

Home schooling my daughter in self isolation. Teaching her about the virus. She is drawing the virus.


My Students’ Postcards from the Window Ledge

Submitted by: @oksarge

Materials: Digital post cards

This is a brief collection of “Postcards from the Window Ledge” written by Grade 5 and Grade 6 students while in isolation. Like your project, we sought to mark the things and trends that they found captured this extraordinary period in time. It’s like a time capsule!


Pets: The great beneficiaries of a crisis

Submitted by: Anita

Materials: Computer, cat

Working from home has made for a happy cat. When he wakes up from his morning nap, he wanders in looking for attention. He’s not shy about his intentions. Pets everywhere are getting more love than ever.



Submitted by: Erielys

Materials: My dog, schoolwork

While in quarantine, I’ve been able to interact with my dog, Mylo, more because he loves attention. I’ve also been able to take breaks to help with any stress. Sometimes it does get boring but, I’ll manage.