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A Yearning Desire For Art

Submitted by: Ann W.

Materials: Acrylic paint, wooden canvas, paintbrushes, wooden easel

This is a photo I took at Artists For Humanity, the company I work for. This is the job I absolutely love and wish to never depart from, but this pandemic has forced us to leave things behind that we hoped to never stray. The message I want to spread of wanting and longing for something is not only for those who love art but also for those who miss the arms of family, the lips of loved ones, the true sound of friends’ laughs, as well as the drive for passion.



Submitted by: Gianna Pappalardo

Materials: Laptop

My laptop has helped me get through this quarantine for many reasons. The biggest reason is online education. I am very grateful to have a nice computer because many kids do not have access to one at all to do their school work. It is the main resource everyone has been using to do their school work. It has become a big part of my life as well the past month. It has kept me very busy including face-timing my friends and keeping in touch with them over text as well.

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Staying Strong !!!

Submitted by: Isaydra

Materials: Workout apps, computer, speaker

I have been working out, doing my homework (days before its due) and listening to music to keep me positive.

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My Essentials Survivor Kit

Submitted by: Ronette

Materials: Gloves, mask, tissues, thermometer, corn cushions, lidocaine

I am not on a stay-at-home-order because I am in the healthcare profession.  I love what I do not matter what the situation. My isolation is my work. I would have it no other way.  


Home Office

Submitted by: Dr. K

Materials: Books, papers, folders, pens

Teaching college classes from home.


Best Time of the Day

Submitted by: Anonymous

Materials: Mask, lunch, water, hand sanitizer

The best time of the day other then going home, lunch break!


Lockdown lunchtime

Submitted by: J Thompson

Materials: Quilting cotton fabric, sewing machine

Old sewing machine pulled out and oiled to make face masks, with filter pockets, to gift to my adult kids and their partners. Lunchtime wine and sushi. Lunchtime wine never used to be a “thing”.


Thank You Sticker

Submitted by: Marsha Szafranska

Materials: Plastic, adhesive

A sticker given out to truck-stop employees to wear to thank professional drivers.


My Mother’s Rings

Submitted by: anonymous

Materials: Gold my mother found as a child, opal more gold

I am back in my parent’s house because of the pandemic, preparing for my comprehensive exams in my childhood bedroom. In these “unprecedented times,” my mother is letting me wear my two favourite rings that belong to her, since I can’t exactly take them anywhere right now.


Fluffy Socks

Submitted by: Tasha

Materials: Cotton, cozy fluffiness, and so much dog hair

Working at home has lots of changes and I am not handling them very well. One change that is weirdest, one that I did not think would be a challenge, is cold feet. I always have warm to hot feet… ALWAYS. I am now in a perpetual state of chill. These socks were still pristine from two Christmases ago, never worn. But now… everyday!