The Pom Pom mask

Submitted by: Gabby Lynn. G

Materials: Pom poms, Mask, beads

My mask is called the Pom Pom mask. It’s covered in bright pom Pom’s and rainbow beads for the straps. I used hot glue to put each Pom Pom on and beaded the straps of the mask with rainbow beads. I got inspired by the kidcore aesthetic and the bright times before Covid, When we could see our family, friends and we could socialize. Covid really affected my mental health and I miss those times when we could socialize, that’s why I wanted to make my mask all bright and happy looking, my goal for this mask was to try and make it all bright looking with a kidcore twist and surprisingly it came out better then I thought. When I was creating this mask I learnt I was better at creating art pieces then I thought. This mask probably influenced me to do more sculpture-like art pieces and more kidcore artwork.